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hey… well, a  new year.

am i happy?

i whish i was 15. that was a good year.



my work.

the work that we are doing at the monant is really hard but i’m enjoying it.

at the momant its not working for me.

my house has a coutyard and 3 bedrooms as well as a musicroom.

i think i’m doing ok.



at the moment my house is at home. it looks so different to every one else’s. Smaller but still the same size. its bugging me. i  added to it and now it is so different to when i started. I’m learning new things all the time so everything is always changing the design, last night I decided to move the kitchen, launder and added a bit to the front of it (a circle bit).

what’s happening in my life at the moment??? my grandma and aunt are coming up from Hobart  D= needs to be done. i have a great weekend too. i could have gone to some big concert tonight and then i would go to PERI’S PARTY!!! tomorrow night (which I’m still doing).

yeah, I’m not having a good day……………..

rachael  xxx

i just found a awsome site…


all my stuff…

today is monday after realy for life. my feet hurt, my legs hurt and my but hurts. dispite the fact that my entire lower body hurts it was worth it. i moved between the queacy tent and our tent (the sun smartys=D)

yaeh im in dubble dDG and i left all my stuff at home. the cardboard house is all over my study floor. ive connd my friend in to helping me and now all over every floor amd wall of the house it says “Rachael is not to take all the credit for this … RHYS HELPED! If she takes all the credit the Rhys will KILL HER by BASHING HER HEAD IN WITH A AXE. ”
he loves me…. i was thinking i wont paint over that bit…

so tonight im painting it all white. its going to be so cool… ive got some metal to make some hand rails and everything. im so exited


Today I got possibly the best assignment of my life…. ART DECO!!!

This is my favorite type of architecture and i am thrilled to be doing it!!!

i have all these ideas in my head and I just want to work on it all day!!! Now I’m not half as happy as i was to start with about camp this weekend but I’ll take my spirit of progress book that I got for Christmas and some paper and see how much I can do… YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so glad that I got Art Deco!!!!!! mmm.. I need to relax…


Hello PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

hello people.

my name is rachael.

not wonderfully interesting, but hey, its something  =].

i’ll put my schoolwork on here as well as a bit about me…

lots of love… rachael